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PROM and so on..

Finally. Here is your report of my recent actions.


Prom was AWESOME! Best ever! I had so much fun!


So… Saturday night we had prom from 7 to 11. For all the weird people that don’t know what prom is: it is like a dance, but it’s much fancier and basically for juniors and seniors, but they can invite others.  Everyone dresses up like crazy, you go to a restaurant before and many people rent a stretch limo. Our prom was at a hotel near the St. Louis airport. The dance floor was pretty small but it made it more fun.

So I bought a pretty and expensive dress a while ago and on Friday Sara and me even got our nails done. Saturday the hair and make-up.

Everyone looked so pretty!! We were all so excited!

I didn’t have a date and so didn’t some of my friends, so we went with a group of 6 girls in a van.

We had awesome weather. Really good for taking pictures. After our (host)parents took tons of pictures we drove to an Italian restaurant where we met some other groups, too.

At 7 we went to the hotel. Most of the space was full with tables, in the middle a dance floor, food and drinks (just sodas) at the sides.

I nearly danced strait through the night. Maybe not. We took pictures, too, of course. And at 9:00 the prom king and queen were crowned (seniors).

(Oh for more weird people: seniors: 12th grade, juniors: 11th grade (me).)

After that there were some dance battles between the guys and senior girls and guys pictures. After that we could finally get back on the dance floor! Whoo!

I had 100% fun! The entire night. And I danced with 6 different guys..

Originally I was planning on going with another group to an after prom party, but… nobody had a party. So I thought we would go with our girls group to Denny’s (a breakfast place, that is open all night) as they had planned. But… everybody besides Sara and me was tired and like: Ah, I wanna go to bed. I’m so tired.

Something Sara and I didn’t understand at all. So we drove home. (One of my friends turned 17 in the car.) Then Sara and I took off by ourselves, to Denny’s at about 12:30 at night. It was still fun, although it was only us two. But we saw some other prom people that have had the same idea.

When I finally had to go to bed I was still not tired at all.


Saturday was awesome weather again, so we were working outside. Planting flowers, washing cars, cleaning the garage and stuff like that. Playing with the dog. I love her, the dog (Cocoa).

And I practiced parallel parking for my test. Because as soon as I can park properly and maybe know some more smaller things I can go and take my driver’s test. Whoho! Didn’t go too bed yesterday.


Today I was still all happy because of my awesome weekend.

Tomorrow we have another track meet and Thursday is our home meet! I’m excited!

For everyone who doesn’t know. The spring sports started the beginning of march and since I didn’t make it in the girls’ soccer team (I just suck at soccer) I am doing track. And I’m very happy with it. I’m doing high jump (in which I really suck, too. Especially for my height.) And I’m running sprints in relays. Relays are when 4 people run in a row with a stick in their hand (I can’t write the word I would usually use and you wouldn’t know what it is anyways.) and hand it over to each other. I am running 4x100 and I ran the 4x200 and 4x400 before. There are also long distance runners, hurdles, pole vaulting (Stabhochsprung), long jump, different throwing events and I probably forgot some events.

So far we had mostly cold meets (where the different schools compete against each other) and one where we all got sun burned.


Other things that were going on: I went to Jefferson City with some other exchange students. The next day I went to the FCCLA (family, career and community leaders of America) state meeting with some others of that club. We also competed with our cooking team there because we got gold at the regionals. This time it didn’t go that well though. Might sound stupid but I think it was mostly the fault of the organizing people.

It was so much fun! We had some meetings too. And we danced! My favorite. We were a bunch of girls, one guy and our teacher with her mom as another chaperone.

So in total I was gone from Thursday morning till Saturday noon and Sunday noon till Thursday afternoon.

Both were a whole lot of fun!


In all these exciting events we had some really sad things going on, too. Two of Warrenton High School’s students died in two different car accidents within 12 days. I knew the girl only little, but Devin was our flute guy, we ran Cross Country together and he did Track , too (and wrestling.) He was one of our best athletes and pretty much everyone liked him. At least because of his funny laugh.

We met with all students that wanted to come before school in front of the school after both accidents. Praying, especially crying, talking, hugging, singing, reading self written poems, telling each other how much we loved each other. I can’t even describe it. Everyone was crying, all day long. But the whole school stayed together, being there for each other. I can’t imagine that with any German school. It was really impressing.



Something else. I’m waiting right now for a mail that tells me when my flight back is gonna be because we had to move it since we have to make up days with school that we missed. So I will probably come back beginning of June. I don’t have a date yet though. I will tell you when I know more.



I love you guys so much! Every single one of you, Family and Friends.

I will see you in a little more than a month.

The time went past so fast.



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imke (30.4.09 15:42)
das hört sich ja so geil an alles!
ich will auch zu nem prom.
wie viel sachen du da machst dagegen ist es ja hier sowas von langweilig.
und ich will unbedingt fotos sehn! kannst du die hier reinstellen?
ich wünsch dir einen schönen tanz in den mai falls
die ihr in amerika sowas macht
liebste grüße♥

Lisa (19.5.09 22:01)
Ich will auch mal da hin1
Ich vermisse dich so sehr.
Du bist bald schon wieder da. du glaubst gar nicht, wie sehr du fehlst. Ich lieb dich<3 pass auf dich auf!

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