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cave trip (hoehlen ausflug)

hey!    when nobody writes me any comments i feel like nobody is reading it.. only sometimes i get an answer in an e-mail or something...

from saturday night till sunday noon we were with 2 teachers and a group from 10-20 students or so at a cave trip. we drove in 3 cars down there, stoped at mc donalds and arrived at nine or so at the parking lot near the cave (hoehle). some of us taped their shoes to the pants, we got ready with helmets, flashlights, sleeping bags, and all the other stuff we needed for one night in the cave.   so we marched with all that stuff and only flash lights through the woods and into the small, wet cave. it was not like had imagined it. but fun! once you get used to it that your feet and legs are wet and muddy to the knees or higher, you have to crawl and you bump your head every once a while at the ceiling. i was very lucky i had a helmet as often as i hit my head. and it's easier if you don't pay any attention to the lakes in your shoes. i think if i wouldn't have taped them to my jeans i would have lost them. sometimes the smaller people got into the mud to their hips. the only thing that was really bothering me was the bag i had to carry. sometimes it was so flat that we had to crawl on our knees (even through the water).   at some point we found the big room where we spent the night. it wasn't as wet as other parts (pretty dry) and it was high. we left our stuff there and explored the "rest" (not quite everything) of the cave. some of us "walked" into one part. it went on and on and got smaller and smaller. first we could walk with bend back and head to the side but at the end we were on our knees and turned around because there was no end. i hated it to be tall. i felt like some broken creature from "lord of the rings" or so... how i moved forward. my back, legs, shoulders, neck are still hurting.   others discovered another part. sara and me just crawled into the beginning. we lay flat on our stomaches and decided very early to turn around.

when you looked around behind you where nobody else with a flash light was it was so dark. no light at all. obvious in a cave. and there were bats (fledermaeuse)! but most of them were sleeping at the ceiling. they were pretty small.

we slept on big plastic sheets with sleeping bags. it was not cold in the cave, there is always a steady temperature (57 degrees fahrenheit) but at night it got kind of cold. and it was no fun to get out of those muddy clothes and the next morning back in. but then we only took the shortest way out there we changed into clean clothes. then we went to eat!

at home we had the pleassure to get our stuff clean. i wouldn't have thought it but most of it looks nearly as clean as before. the only sad thing is that we don't have any pictures at all from that trip.

 ok that's it for today. ♥ love you all, ♥ hugs  Maren

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Imke / Website (9.2.09 22:14)
Huhu Maren, wollte dir hier mal wieder ein Kommentar hinterlassen, nicht dass du denkst, das hier niemand liest!
Dein Höhlenausflug scheint ja sehr, sehr spannende gewesen zu sein. Ich glaube, ich hätte da voll Panik von wegen Platzangst und Dunkelheit bekommen. xD
Ich Weichei. :P
Und wie gehts dir sonst? Wie war dein letztes Wochenende so?
Hoffentlich schreiben wir bald mal wieder.
Bis dahin wünsch ich dir viel Spaß bei allem, was du Schönes machst.
Liebste Grüße, Imke <333 :-*

Lisa (13.2.09 12:55)
Hallo Schatz! Ich muss ehrlich sagen - hier war ich iw lange nich mehr, weil ich den Link nicht in der Favleiste habe sondern nur so bei deN Favos. Das klingt Alles sehr spannend. Ich hab dir im Brief auch Englisch was geschrieben - toll oder? Aber sonderlich talentiert bin ich nich und hab auch keine Lust. (: ICh lieb' dich. soooo. <3

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