Maren goes America

just very short today...   i wanted to let you know that it's very scary when you run around in the school and meet so many people that are engaged (going to mary) or pregnant..   ok, maybe there are not that many, but more than in germany... and when i go to my locker or class i always think they should install stop lights.  .it's so crowded   in the hallways..espacially at some certain intersections..and although everybody walks already on the right.. i wonder wheather everybody does that automatically because they do that with their cars in traffic or wheather it's a school rule      

ok, i guess that's it for now.. i just wanna remind you again that we are still looking for some people that would like to write with american teenagers.. i don't know how many here want to write with german people but i don't know weather we have any mexican or so yet..

 hugs to everybody     maren

13.1.09 04:04


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