Maren goes America

i forgot something.           1. i saw high school musical 3 - senior year in the movie theater! =) as one of the first germans.       2.i think the 5th saw movie is in the movie theater, too. there a 2nd madagaskar movie in germany? here it just came out.

31.10.08 15:20


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Lisa / Website (2.11.08 20:37)
es ist sooooo toll
du machst immer mehr. dann kommste wieder und kochst wie ein weltmeister. ahahhaha.
Und hsm3 is der bruner, oder? Aber ich würde den ja lieber auf deutsch sehen. ist das nciht ungewohnt? sowieso, ich kann mi rga nich vorstellen, wie du redest. Ich wills auich ga nich.. *neid*
Hier ist alles wie immer. SChule stressig. Du fehlst. Kuss Ly< <3

Ju <3 (6.11.08 07:34)
Hey Darling!!
it sounds fantastic!!!
you have a lot of program, haven't you?
is it stressful sometimes?^^

but you seem to have a lot of fun..

ohh... you have to cook a very delicious meal for all of us, when you're back! ;-)
I can't cook.... xD xD

HSM3 is great, isn't it?? <3
I think it has got a bigger story line than the last... and some parts a really sad..
great movie. =)

oh... a 5th saw movie?! I just watched the first and second.. o.O xD

yes, there will be a 2nd madagaskar in germany soon. =)
I don't know if I will watch it in the cinema... maybe... but I definitly want to watch it someday on dvd..

I think here didn't happen anything really important... :P
everything like everytime.. xD
but it shouldn't sound that it is boring here... no, no... it's nice and I'm happy
school is terrible... every week one or more exam until the christmas holidays... but we will make it... we have to xD

great that you write more than the last time...
I like to read some news

ah... next week Jana and I will go to a driving school... next to edeka (even edeka isn't there anymore xD)...
you know? atrium-centre...
jana want to start with making the driver's license soon... I wanted to start at the beginning of 2009... but she asked for going to the theoretic lessons together... so we want to inform us about prices and everything next week...
what about you? do you want to get you're driver's license in the US??

you are missing here... <3

love and kisses,

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