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i just noticed that it's a long time ago i wrote something in my blog.. but there's really no time.. last week we had homecoming and i didn't have any minute free, but it was fun!

yesterday were (unter anderem) our first band competition... i tried to upload some pictures, but it didn't work like i wanted it to work...  (lisa kann man das breiter machen, wo ich schreibe?)

yesterday we had our homecoming dance, too. that was fun! it wasn't like dancing when you make this course in germany, but like dancing in a dico..with heels and dresses... most of the girls took their shoes too... and they aren't stolen!  but i was too tall with this shoes..and dancing wasn't comfortable...

last week we had also a home meet (cross country), two football home games, a homecoming parade (sorry, i don't have time to explain it now), bonfire, soccer game... and spirit days..every day had a theme how we had to dress.. (didn't have to, but it was more fun).. the theme of the hole homecoming was opposites...  and last sunday i was shopping with sara and two the mall...i bought so much..and during the week we had to go to the outlet mall, because i didn't get everything on sunday..

ok, now we'll eat some ice cream...

love you all, maren

6.10.08 03:58


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Lisa / Website (10.10.08 17:37)
ich vermisse dich und ich bin froh, dass es dir gut geht, mein Schatz! Bei uns war die Fahrt in den Harz mit der kLasse auch gut. Haben es überlebt und wollen wieder da hin. es war toll. Du fehlst so in unserer Mitte. Besonders jetzt, wo die ersten Ferien ohne dich kommen, merke ich das.

Ich liebe dich, sonneneschein und das mit dem Textfeld würde wohl nur mit neuem Layout gehen, wobei ich sowieso denke, dass bald ein neues kommen muss. ich kann das hier nicht mehr sehen. Ich lieb' dich. ♥

Jule (11.10.08 20:03)
Hey meine Süße!

I'm glad to read something from you.
You really seem to have every day programme... but it sounds cool and it's great that you enjoy the time. <3

I think the same like Lisa do...
it's strange do have the first holidays without you.
Most of the time I think that you have a great time (time, time, time - but I'm not able to say it in an other way xD), but I miss you very much.
You and your kind of character are missing here in our little group of loonies. ;-) <3

I think a lot of you.
But I'm relieved that you informed us that everything is fine. =)

Love you, honey! ♥
Hugs and kisses.
Yours Jule

(6.11.08 18:47)
Ich fands gerade irgendwie lustig deinen englischen Text zu lesen und zwischen durch sind deutsche Sätze drin. :D

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